In 1984, George Zuriakat, armed with a few years of experience working in a supermarket in Chicago, decided that the Bay Area in California was where he wanted to live and start his own produce business.  Lucky for him, a wise friend advised him that starting a produce company had way too many obstacles, primarily because of the extremely short shelf life of the product.  Selling eggs, while still perishable, would have a much better chance for success.  So George started his company, Bay Area Dairy Inc. by renting a house and subleasing the rooms out to tenants and keeping just the garage for his fledgling company.   He was the owner, buyer, salesman, warehouseman and delivery person.

Within a few years, Bay Area Dairy Company had grown, not only out of the garage, but beyond the egg business so that the company became Bayco, Inc. and eventually relocated to into a 9,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Hayward, CA.  The company’s success was due to outstanding customer service and the commitment to offer quality products at competitive pricing to its customers.  The product line expanded into many basic bakery items including flour, sugar and shortening, but also into nuts, raisins, seeds, fillings, chocolate, yeast and frozen fruits.  The company’s fleet of trucks was retooled with refrigeration units to insure the quality of its temperature controlled products.

In 2011, Bayco, Inc. moved into its current facility, a modern, clean 38,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 72,000 cubic feet of freezer and refrigerator space.  The company received a Food Safety “Superior Rating” from AIB in its 2011 audit.  Bayco sets high standards for reliability and service and has nurtured that same attitude throughout the company including the salespeople, customer service, the pickers, the drivers and the support personal.   That same attitude has made so many Bayco customers, long term Bayco customers.